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FMS in the news

(Dec 19, 2008) - Edmonton- The chronic pain from Fibromyalgia is devastating, but the suffering doesn't end there. According to a new study by the University of Alberta's Bruce Dick, people with the disease may have disruption in their memory because of the pain.

Dick, a professor in anesthesiology and pain medicine, compared 30 women with Fibromyalgia with 30 healthy women. In the first test, Dick and his colleagues had his subjects perform simple tasks such as reading a map or using a phone book. They got the bulk of their results in the second test when researchers looked at how much information the subjects could handle and whether multi-tasking was particularly difficult.

"We found that the Fibromyalgia sufferers had difficulty focusing on specific bits of information," said Dick. "The working memory was impaired and [as tasks] became more difficult mentally, people's performance dropped off quite dramatically if they had pain related to Fibromyalgia…

Sleep specialist

I have set up my appointment to see the sleep specialist. Should be interesting, since we will be discussing my most recent sleeping problems, rather than say, the sleeping problems I have always had. It makes it rather confusing. While I have no way of knowing what is causing the jerking movements in my sleep, or why I seem to have troubles breathing and such, it will be harder for him to sort out when I already have a long established history of sleeping issues. It is kind of strange really. I have always had insomnia in the extreme, delayed onset and trouble staying asleep. So I know sleep deprivation. But this morning drowsiness is intense and completely unfamilair to me. Usually with severe sleep deprivation I get sleep parlysis, which I am. But I usually get all nervous and hyper during the day and then run out of that boost later. This whole sleeping where and when I should not, I have never gotten before. I really hope he finds a solution to that, since I start my t…